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Salt Water Pool Systems

Salt Water Pool Systems

The Most Common Myths of Salt Systems:

1. Salt Systems are Chlorine Generation Systems.
These systems use Salt to produce Chlorine rather than making salt. What they do produce is Chlorine Gas.
2. My Dealer said with this system, the pool will take care of itself.
Not true – If used properly, it will make chlorine for your pool, but you can’t forget the other chemicals that are essential in the balancing of your pool’s water. Chlorine is just the disinfectant. Don’t forget PH, Total Aluminum, Calcium, CYA (conditioner) and the Salt Level. These are the basic things you need to make your water healthy.
3. My Dealer said there is no maintenance required with a Chlorine Generator.
Not true again – Most of the better systems will give you an indicator light about every 3 months (depending how much your pool pump runs), to check the cell. When this light does come on, you need to take your cell off and examine it. If it is clean, simply flush it out with some fresh water and put it back on and start the pump back up. (just make sure you turn the pump off before you take the cell off). If it has a build up of calcium on it, then use a 50-50 mixture of muriatic acid and water, then let it soak in a bucket of that mixture until it stops bubbling up. Then flush with fresh water and reinstall cell. Be very carful not to breathe in or touch the muriatic acid. Always read the warning label on the acid first!
4. Some systems make Chlorine better than others.
True and False – All Salt Chlorine Generators do work basically the same, but some let you control how long your system works making chlorine and some are very basic and don’t give you that option. Some systems will let you troubleshoot problems at the control board, and some require you to change parts until you get it fixed. Hayward, Pentair, and Autopilot make up the major players in the Southwest Florida region. These systems do give you the options of time (via percent of time the system will make chlorine) and ways to troubleshoot the systems.
5. These systems last forever.
Not true – the fins in the cell are coated with a metal called rhodium.  The power center produces an electrical charge that flows from fin to fin in the cell. Over time,  this metal wears out, known as “depleting the cell”. The two major effects on cell life are balanced water as noted above and the amount of use.
Stay tuned……more to come on how a Salt Generator System aka Salt System works in another blog.



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